The Dream Channel – Episode 3 (in 3D)

Selected date

Thursday October 26

Selected time

7:30 PM  –  9:00 PM


Open Eye's Platform Series showcases new work by artists in performance, puppetry, and object theatre. The Dream Channel – Episode 3 (in 3D) is a continuation of Zhauna Franks’ acclaimed 2008 and 2009 productions and marks her first production with her new company Strange Loop Projects.

Fusing the genres of film noir, reality TV and the images of dreams, Franks utilizes her urbane aesthetic to create a poignant and sublimely bizarre dance-theater work. The Dream Channel broadcasts “the subconscious of a sleepless dreamer 24 hours a day complete with commercial interruption”. In this immersive production, a star-studded cast takes the audience on an episodic journey throughout various spaces in and around Open Eye Figure Theatre exploring human frailty, aspiration and desire.



Kevin McCormick

Heather Brockman

Stephanie Fellner*

Zhauna Franks

Stephanie Karr-Smith*

Christine Maginnis*

Kerry Parker

Sally Rousse*

Nancy Seward

Robert Skafte

Julia Tehven-Sutton*


Lighting Design:  Mike Grogan


Sound Design:  Mike Hallenbeck


Set Decoration/Construction:

Kevin McCormick

Daniel Rechelbacher


(*McKnight Award recipients)


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